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na_registry - registry database




The file /etc/registry stores a variety of persistent information for ONTAP. For example, the options command uses this file to save option values, eliminating the need to manually add lines to the /etc/rc file.

Do not edit this file directly; if you do, some aspects of ONTAP will not operate correctly. Several backups of the registry database exist and are automatically used if the original registry becomes unusable. In particular, /etc/registry.lastgood is a copy of the registry as it existed after the last successful boot.

If you back up the configuration files in the /etc directory, the /etc/registry file should be included. After restoring all the configuration files, a reboot will be required to complete the restore (for example, in order to reload the registry, and to re-execute /etc/rc).


If the /etc/rc file contains an explicit "options" statement whose value conflicts with the value of the option stored in the registry, you will see an error message at boot time like this:

     ** Option cifs.show_snapshot is being set to "true" in /etc/rc, and this
     ** conflicts with a value - "off" - loaded from the registry.
     ** Commands in /etc/rc always override the registry at boot time,
     ** so the value of cifs.show_snapshot is now "true".

Similarly, if you execute the "options" statement interactively, and the /etc/rc file contains an explicit "options" statement for the same option, you may see an error message such as this:

    ** Option autosupport.enable is being set to "off", but this conflicts
    ** with a line in /etc/rc that sets it to "on".
    ** Options are automatically persistent, but the line in /etc/rc
    ** will override this persistence, so if you want to make this change
    ** persistent, you will need to change (or remove) the line in /etc/rc.

By removing the explicit options statements from /etc/rc, you can eliminate these warnings about inconsistencies between /etc/rc and the registry.


/etc/registry (primary registry)
/etc/registry.bck (first-level backup)
/etc/registry.lastgood (second-level backup)

Table of Contents