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na_sm - network status monitor directory




The network status monitor provides information about the status of network hosts to clients such as the network lock manager. The network status monitor keeps its information in the /etc/sm directory.

The /etc/sm/state file contains an integer that is incremented each time the node is booted.

The /etc/sm/monitor file contains a list of network hosts the node is monitoring.

The /etc/sm/notify file contains a list of network hosts that made an NLM lock request to the node. Each time the node reboots, it tries to notify the hosts of its new state information. You can remove this file if you want the node to stop notifying the hosts in this file.


If the node cannot resolve a host name in the /etc/sm/notify file or if a host in the /etc/sm/notify file does not exist on the network any more, the node logs an error message each time it tries to contact the host. The error message is similar to the following:

  [sm_recover]: get RPC port for  failed

To stop the error messages, remove the /etc/sm/notify file.

Table of Contents