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na_cifs - Common Internet File System (CIFS) Protocol


The node supports the CIFS protocol, which is documented in an Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) InternetDraft specification titled "A Common Internet File System (CIFS/1.0) Protocol."

CIFS is a file sharing protocol intended to provide an open cross-platform mechanism for client systems to request file services from server systems over a network. it is based on the standard Server Message Block (SMB) protocol widely in use by personal computers and workstations running a wide variety of operating systems.


na_cifs(1), na_cifs_access(1), na_cifs_audit(1), na_cifs_broadcast(1), na_cifs_comment(1), na_cifs_help(1),
na_cifs_restart(1), na_cifs_sessions(1), na_cifs_setup(1), na_cifs_shares(1), na_cifs_stat(1), na_cifs_terminate(1), na_cifs_testdc(1)

RFC 1001, RFC 1002

Table of Contents