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na_nfs - Network File System (NFS) Protocol


The node supports versions 2, 3, and 4 of the NFS protocol, which are documented in RFC's 1094, 1813, and 3530 respectively.

NFS is a widely used file sharing protocol supported on a broad range of platforms. The protocol is designed to be stateless, allowing easy recovery in the event of server failure. Associated with the NFS protocol are two ancillary protocols, the MOUNT protocol and the NLM protocol. The MOUNT protocol provides a means of translating an initial pathname on a server to an NFS file handle which provides the initial reference for subsequent NFS protocol operations. The NLM protocol provides file locking services, which are stateful by nature, outside of the stateless NFS protocol.

NFS is supported on both TCP and UDP transports. Support for TCP and UDP is enabled by default. Either one can be disabled by setting the nfs.tcp.enable or nfs.udp.enable options using the options command.


na_exportfs(1), na_options(1), na_nfs(1), na_nfsstat(1), na_exports(5),

Table of Contents