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Protection of SnapVault secondaries using volume SnapMirror

Volume SnapMirror protects SnapVault secondaries by creating SnapMirror relationships to migrate data from the volumes on the SnapVault secondary system to volumes on a remote (tertiary) system running Data ONTAP. SnapMirror provides an exact replica of the SnapVault secondary data on the tertiary system.

The advantage of protecting SnapVault secondaries using volume SnapMirror is that soft lock support enables you to continue SnapVault relationships between the original SnapVault primary system and the tertiary system, without initial baseline transfers.

Note: To deploy this solution, ensure that you have the appropriate licenses for SnapMirror and SnapVault. You cannot execute SnapVault commands on the new secondary system (which is also a SnapMirror destination) if you do not license sv_ontap_sec on this tertiary system.

For example, if your SnapVault secondary system becomes unusable because of a disaster, you can manually redirect your next SnapVault transfers to the tertiary system instead of the unusable secondary system. Your tertiary system becomes the new SnapVault secondary system, and your SnapVault transfers continue, using the latest Snapshot copy common to both the primary and the tertiary systems.