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Converting a SnapMirror destination to a writable volume or qtree

You can convert a SnapMirror destination to a writable volume or qtree.


  1. On the destination system, use the snapmirror break command to make the destination volume or qtree writable.
    • To make a destination volume writable, enter the following command on the destination system.snapmirror break volume_name
    • To make a destination qtree writable, enter the following commands on the destination system.snapmirror quiesce /vol/volume_name/qtree_namesnapmirror break /vol/volume_name/qtree_name
  2. If you want to enable quotas on the former destination volume, carry out the following steps:
    1. Edit the /etc/quotas file on the former destination system so that, after the conversion, the former destination includes the same quota restrictions as the source volume.
      If the original source volume uses per-volume quotas, replace the original source volume name with the former destination name in the quota entries.
    2. Enter the following command to enable quotas on the former destination:quota on volume_name
  3. Consider the following optional measures:
    • If you want to stop a SnapMirror source from trying to update a broken-off destination, you can delete or comment out the entry in the /etc/snapmirror.conf file. Otherwise, SnapMirror continues to try to update the destination.
    • You might also want to use the options fs_size_fixed off command to turn off the option that restricts the size of the file system on a destination volume.
      Note: If you set options fs_size_fixed off, the ability of the destination and source volumes to resync is not guaranteed.