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Adding disks or array LUNs to a mirrored aggregate, where the user selects the disks

If you select the new disks or array LUNs to add to the mirrored aggregate, you must ensure that you add the correct number of disks or array LUNs of the correct sizes. The disks or array LUNs must have the same checksum compatibility, and disks or array LUNs for each plex must be in different pools.


  1. Enter the following command to list available spare disks or array LUNs.aggr status -r
  2. Choose the spare disks or array LUNs you want to add.
  3. Enter the following command:aggr add aggrname -d disk-list -d disk-list
    aggrname is the name of the aggregate to which you are adding disks or array LUNs.

    disk-list consists of disk or array LUNs IDs of one or more available disks; separate multiple disks or array LUNs with a space character. Both -d options must be used, one for each plex. Data ONTAP automatically assigns the disks or array LUNs to the appropriate plex.

    Note: Specifying only one disk or array LUN set using the -d option will fail.


In the following example, the aggr add command adds disk 3.1 to one plex and disk 8.1 to the other plex of the aggrD mirrored aggregate.aggr add aggrD -d 6.1 -d 8.1