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Adding disks to a mirrored aggregate, where the user selects the disks with assistance from Data ONTAP

You can preview what disks Data ONTAP would select if it were to add new disks to the aggregate. Then, you can add the disks Data ONTAP selected or substitute other disks.


  1. Enter the following command:aggr add aggrname -n ndisks[@disksize]
    aggrname is the name of the mirrored aggregate to which you are adding disks.

    ndisks is the number of disks to use. Adding new disks will fail if the number of disks is an odd number.

    disk-size specifies the disk capacity, in gigabytes. Half these disks must be in each disk pool.

    Note: If you use the disk-size option, first determine the size of spare disks in the disk pools using the vol status -r command.
    Data ONTAP returns an aggr add command that specifies the disks it would add to each plex of the mirrored aggregate.
  2. As required, choose one of the actions from the following table.
    If you want to... Then...
    Use the disks specified by Data ONTAP Enter the aggr add command specified.
    Substitute other disks for one or more disks specified by Data ONTAP Enter the aggr add command and substitute other disks for one or more of the disks specified.


In the following example, the aggr add command provides a preview of the disks that Data ONTAP would use when adding two new 144-GB disks to the aggrA mirrored aggregate.aggr add aggrA -n 2@144

Data ONTAP returns the following command:aggr add aggrA -d 6.4 -d 8.6