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Controlling vFiler unit usage of host system's virus scanners

Depending on your security concerns, you can either have each vFiler unit register with the virus scanner or allow the vFiler units to use the host system's virus scanners.

About this task

By default, vFiler units can scan files using the virus scanners that are connected to the host system. For more information about vFiler units, see the Data ONTAP MultiStore Management Guide for 7-Mode.

If you have several vFiler units owned by separate departments, and you have security concerns, then you might want to have the virus scanner register with each vFiler unit. For more information, see the documentation for the virus-scanning software.

You can have the virus scanner register with only the physical system. In this way, only the system authenticates the virus scanner.


  1. You can register a virus scanner in one of two ways. As required, choose one of the actions from the following table.
    If you want to... Then from the vFiler context, enter the following command...
    Specify a configuration for each vFiler unit vscan options use_host_scanners off
    Specify a configuration that applies to all vFiler units in the system vscan options use_host_scanners on
    Note: The vscan options command is not supported on the default vFiler unit.