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Troubleshooting errors with SyncMirror pool assignment for array LUNs

To troubleshoot SyncMirror pool assignment problems with array LUNs, you need to look at back-end setup and Data ONTAP configuration. You need to determine whether the pool assignment in Data ONTAP matches the actual location of the LUNs.

If the plexes are on two different storage arrays, you need to know which of the two storage arrays a specific array LUN is located on. If you are using just one storage array, you need to make sure that your pool assignments in Data ONTAP match the sets of LUNs that you determined were local and remote.

You must know how the storage array is cabled to the switch to be able to determine which array LUNs are from the local storage array and which array LUNs are from the remote storage array. You can use a combination of the following methods to obtain information about where the LUNs are located:

You can use the following Data ONTAP commands to check the pool assignments of specific array LUNs:

If you find problems, correct array LUN pool assignment errors as needed. In the Data ONTAP disk assign -p command, -p0 represents the local pool and -p1 represents the remote pool.