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Specifying a single try for SnapVault Snapshot copy creation

When a Snapshot copy creation fails because the volume is out of space, SnapVault puts the request for the Snapshot copy in a queue and keeps trying until the attempt is successful. Some applications have a limited backup time frame and cannot support retries. In such a case, you might want to stop SnapVault from trying to create the Snapshot copy again.


  1. To stop SnapVault from repeatedly trying to create a Snapshot copy, enter the following command: snapvault snap create -o tries=1 vol_name snap_name
    vol_name is the name of the volume where the Snapshot copy is created.

    snap_name is the basename of the Snapshot copy that is created.

    tries=1 tries to create a Snapshot copy only once.

    For more information about the tries option, see the na_snapvault(1) man page.