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Unscheduling SnapVault Snapshot copies

You can unschedule a set of SnapVault Snapshot copies if the data in the qtrees you are backing up has been migrated to another location or is no longer useful.


  1. To turn off the SnapVault schedule for a set of Snapshot copies and stop the Snapshot copy process for the SnapVault primary system or secondary system, enter the following command at the console of the primary or secondary system:snapvault snap unsched [-f] [volume [snap_name]]

    -f forces the command to run without showing the list of Snapshot copies to stop creating and without asking for confirmation.

    volume is the name of the volume to stop creating Snapshot copies on.

    snap_name is the basename of the Snapshot copy set to stop creating.

    If no value for snap_name is provided, SnapVault turns off the SnapVault Snapshot copy schedule for all Snapshot copy sets in the volume and does not update any more SnapVault Snapshot copies in the volume. If no volume is provided, SnapVault deletes the schedules for all SnapVault Snapshot copy sets and does not update any more SnapVault Snapshot copies in the system. If there is already a Snapshot copy being created in the volume, the command fails.

    systemB> snapvault snap unsched vol1 sv_nightly
    Unless you used the -f option, SnapVault asks for confirmation. If you confirm the action, SnapVault unschedules all SnapVault Snapshot copies with the basename sv_nightly on vol1 of systemB.