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SnapVault support for IPv6

SnapVault supports the use of IPv6 addresses to specify source and destination systems. However, there are some differences between the specification of IPv6 and IPv4 addresses.

When using an IPv6 address with the snapvault command, you need to enclose the IPv6 address within square brackets. The usage is shown in the following example.

Use of IPv6 address with the snapvault start command

snapvault start -S [2001:0:0:0:0:FFD3:0:57ab]:/vol/vol1/qtree2 system2:/vol/vol1/qtree2
You can also specify whether to use an IPv6 connection or an IPv4 connection, for the following three commands by using the -p option. The use of the -p option is shown in the following command entry.snapvault start [-p { inet6 | inet | unspec }] -S system1:/vol/vol1/qtree3 system2:/vol/vol1/qtree3

Use of IPv6 connection with the snapvault modify command

snapvault modify -p inet6 -S system1:/vol/vol1/qtree3 system2:/vol/vol1/qtree3