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Error messages generated by vol copy start commands

If your storage system does not meet the requirements for copying a volume, the vol copy start command generates one or more error messages.

The following table explains the possible error messages and their meanings.

Error message Meaning
Permission denied. VOLCOPY: Could not connect to system systemB

The source system does not have permission to copy to the destination storage system.

Action: Ensure that the storage systems have a trust relationship with each other.

VOLCOPY: volcopy restore: volume is online, aborting

The destination volume is online.

Action: Take the destination volume offline.

VOLCOPY: volcopy restore: volume is too small, aborting

The destination volume is smaller than the source volume.

Action: Add more disk space to the destination volume or choose another destination volume of sufficient capacity.

write: setting up STDERR broken pipe

A local volume copy tried to start, but Remote Shell access is not enabled on the storage system.

Action: Enable Remote Shell access on the storage system so that it can receive rsh commands.