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Setting up a multipath SnapMirror relationship

You can use multiple paths between the source and destination systems for baseline initialization.

About this task

You can set up SnapMirror to use multiple paths at the outset. You can also convert a single path SnapMirror relationship to use multiple paths.


  1. Ensure that you have two valid paths using the ping command from the source system to each of the IP addresses on the destination system.
  2. On the source system console, use the options snapmirror.access command to specify the host names of systems that are allowed to copy data directly from the source system.
    options snapmirror.access host=d_systemA
  3. Edit the snapmirror.conf file on the destination system to add an entry that defines the mode of the connection and what the two connections are. The format of the entry is as follows:name=mode(src_system-e0,dst_system-e0)(src_system-e1,dst_system-e1)
    where mode is either multi or failover. See the na_snapmirror.conf(5) man page for details.
  4. Edit the /etc/snapmirror.conf file on the destination system to specify the volumes and qtrees to be copied and the schedule (minute, hour, day_of_month, day_of_week, sync, or semi-sync) on which the destination is updated. Use the connection name specified in previous step as the source system.