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Preserving a Snapshot copy

The snapvault snap preserve command enables you to preserve the required Snapshot copy. This command prevents Data ONTAP features (such as snap autodelete) from deleting the Snapshot copy.

About this task

You might want to preserve the Snapshot copies in the following scenarios:


  1. To preserve a Snapshot copy at the volume SnapMirror primary system, enter the following command:snapvault snap preserve vol_name snapshot_name [tag_name]

    tag_name is the name of the preserve operation. It uniquely identifies this preserve operation. When the tag name is not specified, a tag name is added automatically.

    snapshot_name is the name of the Snapshot copy.

    Note: This command does not need a SnapVault license.
    snapvault snap preserve vol1 snap1 tag1
  2. To list all preserved Snapshot copies, enter the following command:snapvault snap preservations [vol_name] [snap_name]

    If snap_name is not specified, then all the preserved Snapshot copies are listed.

    If snap_name is specified, then all preservations on the specified Snapshot copy are displayed.

    snapvault snap preservations vol1 snap1