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Using volume copy to copy LUNs

You can use the vol copy command to copy LUNs; however, this requires that applications accessing the LUNs are quiesced and offline prior to the copy operation.

Before you begin

The contents of the host file system buffers must be saved to disk before running vol copy commands on the storage system.

Note: The term LUNs in this context refers to the LUNs that Data ONTAP serves to clients, not to the array LUNs used for storage on a storage array.

About this task

The vol copy command enables you to copy data from one WAFL volume to another, either within the same storage system or to a different storage system. The result of the vol copy command is a restricted volume containing the same data that was on the source storage system at the time you initiate the copy operation.


  1. To copy a volume containing a LUN to the same or different storage system, enter the following command: vol copy start -S source:source_volume dest:dest_volume

    -S copies all Snapshot copies in the source volume to the destination volume. If the source volume has Snapshot copy-backed LUNs, you must use the -S option to ensure that the Snapshot copies are copied to the destination volume.

    If the copying takes place between two storage systems, you can enter the vol copy start command on either the source or destination storage system. You cannot, however, enter the command on a third storage system that does not contain the source or destination volume.

    						vol copy start -S systemA:vol0 systemB:vol1