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Data replication using volume copy

You can use the vol copy set of commands to copy all data from one volume to another, either on the same system or on a different system.

For using the vol copy command, the source and destination volumes must be of the same type: traditional volumes or FlexVol volumes.

You cannot use the vol copy command to copy data between a 7-Mode volume and a Cluster-Mode volume.

The vol family of commands manages volumes. A volume is a logical unit of storage, containing a file system image and associated administrative options such as Snapshot copy schedules. The disk space that a volume occupies (in addition to the characteristics of the RAID protection it receives) is provided by an aggregate (see the na_aggr(1) man page).

You can initiate a volume copy with the vol copy start command, which enables you to copy data from one volume to another volume, either on the same or on a different storage system. The result is a restricted volume containing the same data as the source volume at the time you initiated the copy operation.