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Aborting primary-to-secondary storage transfers

The snapvault abort command can halt ongoing SnapVault transfers from the primary to the secondary storage system that were invoked by the snapvault start or snapvault update commands, or that were scheduled through the snapvault snap sched -x command.


  1. To abort a primary to secondary storage system transfer, at the console of either the primary or secondary storage system, enter the following command:snapvault abort [-f] [-h] [sec_system:]/vol/volx/sec_qtree

    The -f option forces the abort command to proceed without first asking confirmation from the user.

    The -h option causes a hard abort. It is only effective on the SnapVault secondary storage system. This option is ignored if specified on the primary storage system.
    Note: If you use the -h (hard abort) option with the snapvault abort command, you cannot restart the transfer.

    sec_system is the name of the SnapVault secondary storage system.

    sec_qtree is the name of the secondary qtree to which the data is being transferred through SnapVault start or update commands.