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How to change SnapVault settings

You can use the snapvault modify command to change the primary system (source) qtree that you specified using the snapvault start command. You can change the SnapVault settings for transfer speed and number of tries before quitting. You might need to make these changes if there are hardware or software changes to the systems.

The meaning of the options is the same as for the snapvault start command. If an option is set, it changes the configuration for that option. If an option is not set, the configuration of that option is unchanged.

Note: The descriptions and procedures in this section pertain to SnapVault backup of systems running Data ONTAP only. For descriptions and procedures pertaining to SnapVault backup of open systems drives and directories, see the Open Systems SnapVault documentation.

The snapvault modify command is available only from the secondary system. You can also use this command to modify the tries count after the relationship has been set up. This is useful when there is a planned network outage.

You use the snapvault modify command to change the source if the primary system, volume, or qtree is renamed. This ensures the continuity of the existing SnapVault relationship between the primary and secondary systems. However, you cannot copy a primary qtree to another volume or system and use this command to take backups from that new location.

If you need to change the SnapVault schedule, use the snapvault snap sched command.