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Verifying the size of each volume

To see whether the data in one volume can be copied or replicated to another volume, you need to compare the file system size of the two volumes.


  1. On the source storage system, enter the following command:vol status -b volume_name
    volume_name is the name of the source volume.
    Result: Data ONTAP displays the block size of the volume (in bytes), the RAID volume size, and the Write Anywhere File Layout (WAFL) file system size. If no volume name is given, information for all volumes is displayed.
  2. On the destination storage system, repeat Step 1, replacing volume_name with the name of the destination volume.
  3. Compare the file system (FS) numbers. If the file system size of the destination is the same as or larger than the file system size of the source, you can use the vol copy command (or SnapMirror) to transfer data from the source to the destination.


vol status -b
Volume 	  Block Size (bytes) Vol Size (blocks) FS Size (blocks)
------ 	  ------------------ ----------------- ---------------
sourcevol  4096  	            4346752 	         4346752
destvol    4096               4346752 	         4346752