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Specifying SnapMirror destinations using the snapmirror.access option

You can specify the destination systems that are allowed access to the source system by using the snapmirror.access option. This option specifies which SnapMirror destination system can initiate transfers, and which network interfaces they can use. This is the preferred method for controlling SnapMirror access on SnapMirror source system.


  1. To specify the SnapMirror destinations that are allowed access to the SnapMirror source using the snapmirror.access option, on the source system, enter the following command:options snapmirror.access access_specification
    The syntax is the same for SNMP, Telnet, and rsh, and is described in the na_protocolaccess(8) man page. For more information about the options command, see the na_options(1) man page.
    Note: This option setting persists across reboots.


If you want a destination (systemB) to have access to the source (systemA), for a SnapMirror relationship to copy data from systemA to systemB, enter the following at the prompt on systemA.
systemA> options snapmirror.access host=systemA,systemB