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Checking SnapMirror data transfer status

You need to check the data transfer status, by using the snapmirror status command, to determine the status of all existing SnapMirror relationships on the system.


  1. Enter the following command:snapmirror status [options] [[system:] [path] ...]
    options can be one of the following.
    • -l displays the long format of the output, which contains more detailed information.
    • -q displays which volumes or qtrees are quiesced or quiescing.
    • -t displays which volumes or qtrees are active.

    system is the name of the source system.

    path is the name of the source volume or the path to and name of the source qtree.

    Note: When you use the -t option, the output displays the active relationships. A relationship is considered active if the source or destination is involved in one of the following:
    • Data transfer to or from the network.
    • Reading or writing to a tape device.
    • Waiting for a tape change.
    • Performing local on-disk processing or cleanup.


If no arguments or options are given, SnapMirror displays a message that indicates whether a transfer is in progress, how much of the data transfer has been completed, the state of the destination, and the amount of time since the last Snapshot copy was created and transferred successfully.