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Hardware requirements for SnapMirror over FC

You must install a Fibre Channel (FC) adapter on the system for using SnapMirror over FC.

You can install any of the following adapters on the SnapMirror source and destination systems:

Adapter name Number of FC ports Port speed
X1124 2 4 Gb
X1142A-R6 2 8 Gb
X1142A-R6-C 2 8 Gb
Note: The adapters that are mentioned in the preceding table are the only ones that support Fibre Channel Virtual Interface (FCVI) Architectural Mapping. FCVI functionality is not supported by other FC adapters or FC ports in the systems.

For more information about the hardware supported with different V-Series models, see the Hardware Universe.

When using SnapMirror over FC, these systems run in the switch fabric topology logged in to the FC switch as an F-Port. Each port discovers other FCVI-capable ports by querying the switch name server and then logs in to these ports, if required. Each port is identified by its unique worldwide name (WWN).

The adapter operates as a standard network interface. Each port must be configured with its own IP address and network mask, just as an Ethernet adapter is configured. For an HA pair, the administrator must also configure the partner IP address.