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Turning SnapMirror on

Before using SnapMirror you need to enable the SnapMirror license on both the source and the destination systems.


  1. To turn SnapMirror on, enter the following command on both the source system and destination system:options snapmirror.enable on
    Alternatively, you can use the snapmirror on command to turn SnapMirror on.
    Note: This setting persists across reboots.
  2. Depending on whether you use the snapmirror.access option or the /etc/snapmirror.allow file to specify allowed destinations, choose one of the actions from the following table:
    If you choose... Then...
    snapmirror.access option On the source, enter the following command as a single line:options snapmirror.access host=[dest_system1,dest_ system2,...]

    The default value for the snapmirror.access option is legacy, which lets the /etc/snapmirror.allow file define the access permissions. This option persists across reboots.

    /etc/snapmirror.allow file Add the names of the destination systems, each on a separate line, in the /etc/snapmirror.allow file.