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Use of SnapMirror with S Family storage systems

You can use SnapMirror S Family Edition to replicate data between S Family storage systems.

S Family storage systems only support the following versions of Data ONTAP:
SnapMirror S Family Edition works only for asynchronous replication. When using S Family storage systems as source and destination, you can replicate data in the following ways:
Note: When using SnapMirror S Family Edition for replicating volumes or qtrees, the maximum number of concurrent replication operations is four.

You can use the snapmirror resync command to restore data to an S Family storage system.

SnapMirror S Family Edition also supports replication from an S Family storage system to a FAS series storage system.
Note: In this replication relationship, the FAS series storage system is the destination. Therefore, the FAS series storage system should be using Data ONTAP 7.2.1 or later.

SnapMirror S Family Edition does not support replication from a FAS series storage system to an S Family storage system.