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Scheduling Snapshot copies on the SnapVault primary system

To schedule a set of Snapshot copies on the SnapVault primary system, you can use the snapvault snap sched command to specify the volume to create Snapshot copies for, the Snapshot copy basename, how many versions of the Snapshot copies to retain, and the schedule to execute this set of Snapshot copies.


  1. To set a schedule for the primary system, from the primary system, enter the following command:snapvault snap sched vol_name snap_name schedule_spec

    vol_name is the name of the volume on the primary system on which to create this set of Snapshot copies.

    snap_name is the basename of a Snapshot copy set, for example, sv_nightly. The name of this Snapshot copy must be the same on the primary and secondary systems. The snap_name must not be hourly, nightly, or weekly to avoid conflict with snap sched Snapshot copies.

    schedule_spec is made up of count[@day_list] [@hour_list].

    count is the number of Snapshot copies to retain for this Snapshot copy set. A zero (0) in this field means no new instance of this Snapshot copy will be created.
    Attention: The combined total of Snapshot copies retained cannot exceed 251 Snapshot copies per volume. If it does, SnapVault will not create new Snapshot copies.

    @day_list is a comma-separated list that specifies the days on which a new Snapshot copy for this set is created. Valid entries are mon tue wed thu fri sat sun. They are not case-sensitive. You can specify a range using a dash (-), for example, mon-fri. The dash (-) by itself means no Snapshot copy will be created automatically. You can create the Snapshot copy manually. The default value is mon-sun.

    @hour_list specifies the hours at which a new Snapshot copy is created for this set. Valid entries are whole numbers from 0 to 23. You can specify a range using a dash (-), or use a comma-separated list, for example, 7, 8-17, 19, 21, 23. The default is midnight (0).

Scheduling Snapshot copies on the SnapVault primary system

The following three snapvault snap sched command lines schedule three sets of SnapVault Snapshot copies on volume vol1 of the primary system:systemB> snapvault snap sched vol1 sv_weekly 1@sat@19systemB> snapvault snap sched vol1 sv_nightly 2@mon-fri@19systemB> snapvault snap sched vol1 sv_hourly 11@mon-fri@7-18

Result: SnapVault primary system creates Snapshot copies on the specified volume, as follows:
  • SnapVault creates sv_weekly.0 every Saturday at 7:00 p.m., and keeps one copy.
  • SnapVault creates sv_nightly.0 every Monday through Friday at 7:00 p.m., and keeps two copies.
  • SnapVault creates sv_hourly.0 every Monday through Friday, every hour from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., and keeps eleven copies.