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Backing up non-qtree data

You can replicate and protect non-qtree data in a primary system.


  1. From the secondary system, enter the following command:snapvault start -S prim_system:/vol/vol_name/- /vol/vol_name/qtree_name
    -S prim_system:/vol/vol_name/- specifies the volume on the primary system whose non-qtree data you want to backup.

    The dash (-) indicates all non-qtree data in the specified volume.

    /vol/vol_name/qtree_name specifies the qtree in the secondary system where you want to store this data.

    Note: The qtree that is specified for /vol/vol_name/qtree_name must not exist on the secondary system before you run the snapvault start command.
    Note: The non-qtree part of the primary system volume can be replicated only to the SnapVault secondary system. The data can be restored to a qtree on the primary system, but cannot be restored as non-qtree data.
    systemB> snapvault start -S systemA:/vol/vol1/- /vol/vol4/non_qtree_data_in_vol7

    SnapVault transfers the non-qtree data on primary systemA to the qtree called non_qtree_data_in_vol7 in vol4 on systemB (the secondary system). It also configures the qtree for future updates.