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SnapMirror files

SnapMirror uses configuration files, log files, and other files.

The following table lists the files used by SnapMirror, along with their corresponding functions:

File Function
/etc/snapmirror.conf Enables you to specify SnapMirror source and destination relationships, along with the following settings:
  • SnapMirror update schedules for a relationship
  • Type of relationship: single path, multipath, or failover
  • Other options for a given SnapMirror relationship
/etc/snapmirror.allow Enables you to specify the SnapMirror destinations that are allowed to copy from the system
Note: You can also use the options snapmirror.access command to specify the allowed destinations. However, if both the options snapmirror.access command and the /etc/snapmirror.allow file are used, options snapmirror.access takes precedence. This can affect the initialization of SnapMirror relationships.
/etc/log/snapmirror.x Records the SnapMirror data transfer history
Note: There might be one or more SnapMirror log files.
The latest logs are stored in the file named snapmirror. The older logs are named snapmirror.0 and snapmirror.1.
/etc/hosts Uses entries in this file to resolve host names

For more information about SnapMirror files, see the following man pages: