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SnapMirror and MultiStore

If you are using MultiStore software, you can use SnapMirror to replicate data in the volumes of a vFiler unit, for disaster recovery. You can also use SnapMirror to migrate a vFiler unit from one system to another.

When performing online migration of a vFiler unit, any SnapMirror operations that start a transfer do not work for volumes owned by the vFiler unit. Therefore, any manual or scheduled SnapMirror update operations for the vFiler unit will not work. The following SnapMirror commands are not allowed for use during an online migration of a vFiler unit:
Note: Synchronous SnapMirror is not supported in a nondefault vFiler unit.

For more information about vFiler units, see the Data ONTAP MultiStore Management Guide for 7-Mode.


In a volume SnapMirror relationship, if you rename or move the destination volume or its vFiler unit and perform a snapmirror update operation, then the SnapMirror status entries and softlocks are locked and are not deleted from the source system. To delete these old SnapMirror status entries and softlocks, you must run the snapmirror release command on the source system.