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Converting a single-path SnapMirror relationship to multipath

You can set up SnapMirror to use multiple paths at the outset. You can also convert a single-path SnapMirror relationship to use multiple paths.


  1. Ensure that you have two valid paths using the ping command from the source system to each of the IP addresses on the destination system.
  2. Edit the snapmirror.conf file on the destination system to add a connection line that defines the mode of the connection and what the two connections are. The format of the line is as follows:name=mode(src_system-e0,dst_system-e0)(src_system-e1,dst_system-e1)
    mode is either multi or failover. See the na_snapmirror.conf(5) man page for details.
  3. In the same snapmirror.conf file, edit the schedule entry to reflect the new connection name as the source system.
    Note: Multiple paths are supported by SnapMirror running asynchronously and synchronously. The following are examples of implementing multiple paths using synchronous SnapMirror.
    You want to synchronously replicate volume vol1 on a system called NYC to volume vol1 on a system called Newark. You require two physical paths between source and destination systems for each synchronously-mirrored volume. You have two network interface cards on each system. You named the two interfaces on the NYC system NYC-pri and NYC-sec, and the two on the Newark system Newark-pri and Newark-sec. To implement multiple paths in the failover mode, you edit the snapmirror.conf file on Newark to include the following two lines.NYC-Newark=failover(NYC-pri,Newark-pri)(NYC-sec,Newark-sec)NYC-Newark:vol1 Newark:vol1 - sync
    If NYC-pri and Newark-pri are Fibre Channel NIC adapters and you want to replicate data using both connections, you follow the procedure to configure Fibre Channel NIC adapters for SnapMirror. Then, you edit the snapmirror.conf file on Newark to include the following two lines to implement multiple paths in multi mode.NYC-Newark=multi(NYC-pri,Newark-pri)(NYC-sec,Newark-sec)NYC-Newark:vol1 Newark:vol1 - sync