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Space guarantee for a volume SnapMirror destination

You can reserve space for a FlexVol volume in an aggregate by specifying the appropriate option for the volume. You can use this feature to ensure a space guarantee for a volume SnapMirror destination.

You can view the settings for a given volume by using the vol options command.

The default setting for a volume is: guarantee=volume. This indicates that space for the volume is reserved in the aggregate. You can change this setting by using the following command: vol options vol_name guarantee {none | file | volume}

If you change the space guarantee type for the destination volume to file, the space guarantee is disabled until you break the SnapMirror relationship. The space guarantee for a SnapMirror destination volume with guarantee=volume is based on the size of the destination volume that is displayed in the output of the vol size command.

For more information about volume space guarantees, see the Data ONTAP Storage Management Guide for 7-Mode.

Note: In a volume SnapMirror relationship, you can have guarantee=volume for both the source and the destination volumes.