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Deleting the residual Snapshot copy

When you use the snapvault restore command to restore a primary qtree, SnapVault places a residual SnapVault Snapshot copy on the volume of the restored primary qtree. This Snapshot copy is not automatically deleted. However, you can delete this Snapshot copy manually.

About this task

If you have configured this volume to retain the maximum 251 Snapshot copies allowed by Data ONTAP, you must manually delete this residual Snapshot copy, or else no new Snapshot copies can be created.


  1. To display all Snapshot copies (including the residual Snapshot copy) on the volume of the restored qtree, enter the following command:snap list primaryvolume
    The residual Snapshot copy is distinguished by the following syntax:primaryhost (nvram_id)_primaryvolume_restoredqtree-dst.x
    prim_system (1880911275)_vol1_mytree-dst.2
  2. To delete the residual Snapshot copy, enter the following command: snap delete primaryvolume extrasnapshotname
    snap delete vol1 prim_system (1880911275)_vol1_mytreedst.2