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Listing Snapshot copies for qtrees

You can use the snap list command to see a list of Snapshot copies associated with a qtree and, if applicable, the Snapshot copies’ primary qtree origins.


  1. On the system for which you want to see the information, enter the following command: snap list -o [qtree_path]
    qtree_path displays one qtree. If no qtree name is given, information about all the qtree names on the volume is displayed.

Sample snap list -o output

If you specify the -o parameter with a qtree path, the snap list output includes the dates, sources (if any), and names of associated SnapVault Snapshot copies that are retained on the system, for example:

systemB> snap list -o /vol/sv_vol/qtree3
Qtree /vol/sv_vol/qtree3
date          source                    name
------------  --------                  --------
Jan 31 18:00  systemA:/vol/vol2/qtree3  hourly.0
Jan 31 17:00  systemA:/vol/vol2/qtree3  hourly.1
Jan 31 16:00  systemA:/vol/vol2/qtree3  hourly.2
Jan 31 15:00  systemA:/vol/vol2/qtree3  hourly.3
Jan 30 14:00  systemA:/vol/vol2/qtree3  hourly.4
Jan 30 13:00  systemA:/vol/vol2/qtree3  hourly.5
Jan 30 12:00  systemA:/vol/vol2/qtree3  hourly.6
Jan 30 11:00  systemA:/vol/vol2/qtree3  hourly.7
Jan 31 10:00  systemA:/vol/vol2/qtree3  hourly.8
Jan 31 9:00   systemA:/vol/vol2/qtree3  hourly.9
Jan 31 8:00   systemA:/vol/vol2/qtree3  hourly.10
Jan 30 20:00  systemA:/vol/vol2/qtree3  nightly.0
Jan 29 20:00  systemA:/vol/vol2/qtree3  nightly.1
Jan 26 16:00  systemA:/vol/vol2/qtree3  weekly.0