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Setting and resetting the request timeout for a virus scan

You can change how long Data ONTAP should wait for a virus scan to finish before requesting the status of the scan. You might need to do this when you have a slow network or your virus scanner is slow, and you want to avoid the scan request from timing out prematurely.

About this task

The request is repeated as often as necessary until the scan is complete or the host gives up. By default, the virus scan timeout is 10 seconds.


  1. You can either set a new scan request timeout value or reset a value that you previously set back to the default value.
    If you want to... Then enter the following command...
    Set a new scan request timeout value. vscan options timeout set value

    value is a setting from 1 to 45 seconds. The recommended setting is between 8 and 12 seconds.

    Reset the scan request timeout value back to the default value of 10 seconds vscan options timeout reset