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Using an inclusion list in combination with an exclusion list

Because of the proliferation of new file types, you can allow any file types that you consider to be safe to go unscanned and at the same time ensure that any new, unfamiliar file type stored on the system does get scanned.

About this task

You can use the inclusion list to specify a general virus scan and use the exclusion list to specify the file types that are excluded from the general virus scan.


  1. At the system console, enter the following command line specifying the extensions of all file types that you want to exclude from virus scan: vscan extensions exclude set ext[,ext...]
  2. Enter the following command line to specify virus scan of all other file types: vscan extensions include set ???
    This command line instructs the virus scan program to scan all file types stored on the system. But the result of both the “exclude” and the “include” command lines together is that all file types are scanned except for the file types whose extensions have been specified in the vscan extensions exclude command line described in Step 1.