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What happens if you change a SnapMirror destination volume name

If you change the name of a SnapMirror destination volume, you need to manually correct the SnapMirror relationships affected by the change. SnapMirror is unable to replicate source volume data to a newly named destination volume whose configuration information is incomplete.

In the following case, the destination, volJobak, was renamed to volStatbak. After the renaming, the snapmirror status command does not display the source. Instead, the entry is shown with a dash (–) in the source column.
systemB> vol rename volJobak volStatbak

volJobak renamed to volStatbak
you may need to update /etc/exports

systemB> snapmirror status volJobak
Snapmirror is on.

systemB>snapmirror status volStatbak
Snapmirror is on.
Source       Destination         State         Lag        Status
-            systemB:volStatbak  Snapmirrored  -00:03:22  Idle
If you change the volume name of a SnapMirror source or destination, you need to make the following changes.
  1. Update the snapmirror.conf file, if there is an old entry.
  2. Use the snapmirror release command to update the old destination name, and SnapMirror releases the soft lock and the old Snapshot copy.
  3. Use the snapmirror update command on the new volume name, and status registry is updated with the new volume name.
  4. Update the /etc/exports file.
Note: If a system is running at its limit of concurrent transfers, and you attempt to initiate more transfers through by using the snapmirror update command, the attempted transfer will fail.