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Synchronous SnapMirror modes

There are two modes available for synchronous SnapMirror replication: sync and semi-sync. The semi-sync mode helps in achieving a balance between the benefits of synchronous and asynchronous replication.

Note: You cannot set up a synchronous or semi-synchronous SnapMirror relationship between the two nodes of an HA pair.
You can specify either of the following two modes, when defining a SnapMirror relationship in the snapmirror.conf file:
Note: If neither of these two modes is specified, then the SnapMirror relationship is set as asynchronous.

To enable the sync or semi-sync mode for a volume SnapMirror relationship, you need to specify the mode in the snapmirror.conf file entry for the relationship, as given in the following line:src_system:src_path dst_system:dst_path - {sync|semi-sync}

src_system is the name of the SnapMirror source system.

dst_system is the name of the SnapMirror destination system.

src_path is the path of the SnapMirror source volume.

dst_path is the path of the SnapMirror destination volume.

Example of an entry for a SnapMirror relationship with semi-sync mode

systemA:volA systemB:volB - semi-sync