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Changing settings for SnapVault backup relationships

You can change the settings for SnapVault backup relationships that you entered with the snapvault start command, by using the snapvault modify command.


  1. From the secondary system, enter the following command on a single line:snapvault modify [-k kbs] [-t n] [-o options] [-S [pri_system:]pri_qtree_path] [sec_system:]sec_qtree_path

    -k kbs specifies a value in kilobytes per second for the throttle (transfer speed) for the primary system. A value of unlimited lets the transfer run as fast as it can. Other valid values are whole positive numbers.

    -t n specifies the number of times to try the transfer before giving up. The default is 2.

    If set to 0, the secondary system does not update the qtree. This is one way to temporarily stop updates to a qtree.

    options is opt_name=opt_value [[, opt_name=opt_value ]...]. For more details about the available options, see the SnapVault man page.
    Note: To ensure that SnapVault does not transfer inodes because of access time changes when a client reads a file, set -o ignore_atime=on.

    -S [pri_system:] pri_qtree_path specifies the primary storage system for the qtree. [sec_system:] sec_qtree_path specifies the secondary system for the update.


The following example shows how to modify SnapVault so that it continues backing up the data on the primary system systemB:/vol2/qtree3 after the name qtree3 on the primary system changes to qtreeBob.

systemA> snapvault status

Snapvault server is ON.
Source                    Destination                 State        Lag       Status
systemB:/vol/vol2/qtree3  systemA:/vol/sv_vol/qtree3  Snapvaulted  02:48:24  Idle

[The qtree3 on systemB is renamed qtreeBob.]
systemA> snapvault modify -S systemB:/vol/vol2/qtreeBob /vol/sv_vol/qtree3
systemA> snapvault status

Snapvault server is ON.
Source                      Destination                 State        Lag      Status
systemB:/vol/vol2/qtreeBob  systemA:/vol/sv_vol/qtree3  Snapvaulted  0:00:31  Idle