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SnapMirror commands

You can use SnapMirror commands to perform different SnapMirror operations for a volume, qtree, or system.

The following table lists the commands for using SnapMirror, along with their corresponding operations:

Command Operation
snapmirror on Enable SnapMirror on the system, in order to enable the system to work as both a source and a destination for SnapMirror transfers.
Note: Alternatively, you can use the options snapmirror.enable on command.
Attention: After using the snapmirror off command, you should wait for at least 60 seconds before using the snapmirror on command. This ensures that all subsequent SnapMirror transfers work properly.
vol create


vol restrict
Use these commands together to create a restricted, read-only volume, which is required as a destination for volume SnapMirror replication.
Attention: You should not use the vol restrict command for a qtree SnapMirror destination volume.
snapmirror initialize Start the initial, complete SnapMirror (baseline) transfer from a source volume or qtree to a destination.
snapmirror status View the status of SnapMirror data transfers.
snapmirror update Perform a manual update of the SnapMirror destination.
snapmirror quiesce Stabilize the contents of a destination before a Snapshot copy is taken, by allowing active SnapMirror transfers to finish, and temporarily preventing new transfers. This action ensures a manual Snapshot copy of a stable database.
snapmirror resume Resume normal data transfer to a destination after it has been quiesced.
snapmirror abort Stop an active SnapMirror transfer.
snapmirror break Break the SnapMirror relationship between the source and destination, and convert the destination to a writable volume or qtree.
snapmirror resync Reestablish the SnapMirror relationship between the source and a former destination volume or qtree. Use this command after the snapmirror break command to resynchronize the contents of the source and destination volumes or qtrees, without repeating the initial transfer.
snapmirror release Release SnapMirror Snapshot copies on former source volumes or qtrees so that the Snapshot copies can be deleted.
snapmirror off Turn off SnapMirror functionality for a specified system.
Note: Alternatively, you can use the options snapmirror.enable off command.
snapmirror destinations Set up a cascading series of SnapMirror destinations. Use this command to make a uniform set of data available on a read-only basis to users from various locations throughout a network.
For more information about SnapMirror commands, see the na_snapmirror man page.