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IPv6 support with volume copy

When copying volumes using the vol copy command, you can use IPv6 addresses to specify source and destination systems. However, there are some differences between the specification of IPv6 and IPv4 addresses.

Note: Before using IPv6 functionality for a system, ensure that the ip.v6.enable option is set to on.

The usage is shown in the following example.

Use of IPv6 functionality with the vol copy start command

vol copy start [-p {inet | inet6}] [src_system:]src_vol [dst_system:]dst_vol

If the IP addresses of the source or destination systems are specified, the -p option is not required. For example, if IPv6 addresses are specified, the connection mode is IPv6.

If host names are used instead of IP addresses without using the -p option, first an IPv6 connection is attempted. If an IPv6 connection is not established, an IPv4 connection is attempted.

If host names are used instead of IP addresses with the -p option, the connection is attempted as specified by the -p option.