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Configuring Port-based SAN routing policies for Cisco SAN switches

You can configure the port-based SAN routing policies to perform all the SnapMirror features over Fibre Channel in a SAN environment. The out-of-order delivery (OOD) functionality is not supported with port-based SAN routing policies.

About this task

These port-based SAN routing policies must be performed on the appropriate vsan (using vsan 10 for this example).


  1. Enable in-order-guarantee on the vsan by using the following command: switch# config tswitch(config)# in-order-guarantee vsan 10
  2. Enable the source and destination routing by using the following command: switch(config)# vsan databaseswitch(config-vsan-db)# vsan 10 loadbalancing src-dst-id
  3. Copy the changes to the startup configuration by using the following command: switch# copy running-config startup-config