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Configuring Exchange-based SAN routing policies for Cisco SAN switches

You can configure the exchange-based SAN routing policies to perform all the SnapMirror functions over Fibre Channel in a SAN environment. You can enable the out-of-order delivery (OOD) functionality by using the exchange-based SAN routing policies.

About this task

These exchange-based SAN routing policies must be performed on the appropriate vsan (using vsan 10 in the example that follows).


  1. Enable OOD for all FCVI ports on the storage system by using the following command: fcnic ood on <fcvi ql portnum>
    If OOD is enabled on the storage system, the following is the recommended setting for load balancing:

    Source Destination ExchangeID

    switch(config)# vsan database

    switch(config-vsan-db)# vsan 10 loadbalancing src-dst-ox-id

    If OOD is enabled on the storage system, you do not need to enable in-order-guarantee.
  2. To check if in-order-guarantee is enabled, enter the following command: show in-order-guarantee
  3. To disable in-order-guarantee for a vsan, enter the following command: no in-order-guarantee vsan 10
  4. Copy the changes to the startup configuration by using the following command: switch# copy running-config startup-config