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Checking vscan information

You can quickly determine whether the virus scanner is on, how well the virus scanner is working, and what files extensions are scanned and not scanned.


  1. Enter the following command: vscan
    The system displays the on/off status of vscan, information about the virus-scanning clients, the list of extensions to scan, and the number of files scanned and number of scan failures in a display like the one shown in the following paragraph.


systemA> vscan

Virus scanning is enabled.

Virus scanners(IP and Name)  Connect time   Reqs  Fails
------------------------------------------------------------------  \\WIN2K-NAN    00:02:23       2     0  \\WIN2K-RTB    00:00:01       0     0

List of extensions to scan: ??_,ASP,BAT,CDR,COM,CSC,DL?,DOC,DOT,EXE,

List of extensions not to scan:

Number of files scanned: 28
Number of scan failures: 0
Note: The number of scan requests and failures shown in the table at the beginning of the output represents this connection session. The second set of numbers at the end of the output reflects the total scans and failures since vscan was turned on.