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Renaming Snapshot copies

You might want to rename a Snapshot copy generated by the snap sched command if it contains data that you want to save. The snap sched command overwrites and deletes regularly scheduled Snapshot copies. You can use the snap rename command to save a Snapshot copy.

About this task

When renaming a Snapshot copy, you should use a name that does not begin with one of the following standard prefixes: weekly, nightly, or hourly. Otherwise, Data ONTAP deletes the renamed Snapshot copy as per the schedule.


  1. To rename a Snapshot copy, enter the following command: snap rename vol_name from_name to_name

    vol_name is the name of the volume that contains the Snapshot copy to rename.

    from_name is the current name of the Snapshot copy to rename.

    to_name is the new name you want to give to the Snapshot copy.

    snap rename vol0 hourly.2 MyDataSave