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Turning off SnapMirror updates

You can use the snapmirror off command to turn off updates, both scheduled and manual, for the entire system at any time, even when copying is underway. Any active transfer is aborted when you turn off SnapMirror for the system. The destination remains unchanged after you turn off updates.

About this task

If you turn off SnapMirror for the system, any active SMTape operations, such as smtape backup and smtape restore, are aborted.

This process affects all SnapMirror transfers for the system, whether the system is the source or the destination of the SnapMirror relationship.


  1. Enter the following command on both the source system and destination system to disable SnapMirror: options snapmirror.enable off
    Alternatively, you can use the snapmirror off command to turn off SnapMirror.
    If SnapMirror is currently transferring data from one volume or qtree to another, the transfer aborts immediately. The destination remains the same as it was before the transfer. The Snapshot copy created in the source volume for the data transfer remains.

    SnapMirror stops monitoring the /etc/snapmirror.conf file for changes.

    Entering the snapmirror off command on the destination system alone does not affect SnapMirror on the source system. Other systems can continue to copy data from the source system.

    Note: Both the snapmirror off command and the snapmirror.enable off option are persistent across reboots.
  2. If the snapmirror on command is in the /etc/rc file, remove the command (to keep the current setting after reboot).
    Otherwise, the setting in the /etc/rc file overrides the command you entered.