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LUN clone transfer in non-optimized mode

LUN clones are typically replicated as complete LUNs on the destination system, because non-optimized transfers are used by default.

You must consider the following points before transferring the data in non-optimized mode:

Data restoration for qtrees with LUN clones

If the source qtree has LUN clones, SnapVault does not support in-place restores.

To recover data from the destination qtree using SnapVault, you can use one of the following options for a qtree with LUN clones.
  • Delete the LUN clones within the source qtree, and then perform an in-place restore, using the snapvault restore command.
    Note: If you attempt an in-place restore for a qtree with LUN clones, the system displays the following error message.
    Qtree has lun clones
  • Restore the data to a new qtree, by using the snapvault restore command.
    Attention: For a qtree with LUN clones, ensure that the volume has enough free space to store the LUN clones as complete LUNs before you initiate data recovery using SnapVault.