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Setting up McAfee scan detection properties for systems

The anti-virus scanner is registered with the system, but the scanner scans the system share only when configured properly.

About this task

When setting up McAfee VirusScan for a system with Data ONTAP 7.1 and later, you need to specify the nature of detection.


  1. Open a VirusScan console.
  2. Click Task > On-Access Scan Properties > All Processes > Go to 'Detection' Tab .
    The Detection dialog opens.
  3. In the Scan Files section select: When reading from disk and On network drives.
    Note: You must select both options to scan the system shares.

    This information can be found in the VSNA 7.1 help menu.

    Open Help > On-Access Scanning > Configuring the on-access scanner > All processes and default processes > Detection Properties.