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Moving SnapVault configurations across vFiler units

When you move a volume to a new vFiler unit, it also moves the SnapVault configurations and relationships to the new vFiler unit.

Before you begin

You must disable SnapVault on the vFiler unit before executing the vfiler move command to ensure that there are no transfers running on the vFiler unit.

About this task

If a relationship is managed by the default vFiler unit, then the SnapVault configurations for that particular relationship are not moved to the destination vFiler unit.


  1. Enter the following command on the vFiler unit source: vfiler move source_vfiler destination_vfiler [-f] [-i ip_address] [-i ip_address]...] [path [path...]]
    The following SnapVault configurations can move from one vFiler unit to another vFiler unit:
    • Qtree configuration
    • Schedules
    • Softlocks (both acs and qtree)
    • Language value for Open Systems SnapVault
    • Status