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What basic SnapVault deployment is

The basic SnapVault backup system deployment consists of a primary system and a secondary system.

Primary storage systems

Primary systems are the platforms that run Data ONTAP and open systems storage platforms to be backed up.
  • On primary systems, SnapVault backs up primary qtree data, non-qtree data, and entire volumes, to qtree locations on the SnapVault secondary systems.
  • Supported open systems storage platforms include Windows servers, Solaris servers, AIX servers, Red Hat Linux servers, SUSE Linux servers, and HP-UX servers. On open systems storage platforms, SnapVault can back up directories to qtree locations on the secondary system. SnapVault can restore directories and single files. For more information, see the Open Systems SnapVault Installation and Administration Guide.

Secondary storage system

The SnapVault secondary system is the central disk-based unit that receives and stores backup data from the system as Snapshot copies. You can configure any system as a SnapVault secondary system; however, it is best if you enable NearStore option.

The following figure shows a basic SnapVault deployment: